SPIKE Program
  • UNIST operates summer course, research and culture exploration combined program under the name of SPIKE(Summer Program of Internship and Korean Experience) every summer to improve student exchange experience with foreign outstanding universities
Course work(5 weeks)
  • All foreign students are required to take Korean language classes and 2 optional humanities courses are offered
Research(4 Weeks)
  • Paid research internship is offered in professor’s laboratory
Culture Exploration
  • Korean Culture Exploration such as city tour, industry tour and various cultural activities are offered during weekdays and weekends
Culture Exploration
  • Course fee and field excursion fee are waived for students from Partner Universities.
  • Participants who earned research internship opportunity will receive stipend of approximately $800(including tax) for 4 weeks
  • Program Information
  • Homepage: http://spike.unist.ac.kr/
  • Program Coordinator: Minji Kim (kmj4758@unist.ac.kr)