Undergraduate Program
  • College of Transdisciplinary (Single School without Department)
    • - School of Undergraduate Studies

College of Transdisciplinary Studies, which is DGIST’s one and only undergraduate school, inspires young talent to enhance their sense of flexible thinking and collaborative mindsets through convergence education. Under the single unified school, DGIST undergraduates learn convergence philosophy, sense of leadership, and entrepreneurship without choosing a specific major.

Students study the basic sciences and engineering subjects together with carefully selected liberal arts courses, along with physical training and music during their first two years. During their 3rd and 4th year, students are provided with more advanced science and engineering courses and carry out group research projects.

Graduate Program

The idea of “Convergence” is well reflected in designing graduate school curriculum. Based on the MIREBraiN Program – the six strategic focus areas in research and education, graduate school offers six degree courses. Each course pursues active interdisciplinary approaches in their education and research activities, this is, convergence.

  • Departments
    • - Department of Emerging Materials Science
    • - Department of Information and Communication Engineering
    • - Department of Robotics Engineering
    • - Department of Energy Science and Engineering
    • - Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences
    • - Department of New Biology

For more information on degree programs, please visit: https://www.dgist.ac.kr/en/html/sub02/0202.html