The Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) was established in 1993 by the Korean National Assembly with the mission improving Korea's economic development by educating talented science and engineering students and by promoting collaborative research with industry and international partners in order to create important scientific and technical advancements.
As a research-oriented institute, GIST trains bright undergraduate and graduate students to become highly-skilled scientists and researchers who are capable of thriving in new research areas by being able to incorporate an interdisciplinary approach in solving the most pressing problems facing the world today.
As a new frontier of global science and technology, GIST is always preparing for the future by relying upon and building upon the strong foundation of its past achievements as a world-renowned research institution.
  • In 2018, GIST spent the most Research Expenditure per Faculty in Korea. Research at GIST is to create a breakthrough in this unprecedented low-growth era by forecasting future technologies, creating R&D achievements, promoting technology commercialization, and revitalizing start-ups to meet the needs of 21st-century customers. Diverse research institutes, science and technology application research groups, and other major research centers scattered as individual departments are now all gathered under the roof of the GIST Research Institute (GRI) so that research planning bodies, R&D sites, and technology commercialization and start-up organizations can cooperate organically with one another.
  • Major research institutes at GIST are:
    • 1. Advanced Photonics Research Institute
    • 2. Research Institute for Solar and Sustainable Energies
    • 3. Korea Culture Technology Institute
    • 4. Aging Research Institute
    • 5. International Environmental Research Institute
    • 6. Artificial Intelligence Research Institute
    • 7. GIST-Caltech Research Center
    • 8. Future Technology Research Institute
    • 9. Nobel Research Center
    • 10. GIST Central Research Facilities
    • 11. Laboratory Animal Resource Center